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Supply Chain Excellence

For the excellence of your Supply Chain

Implement operational excellence consistently along the entire supply chain.

A goal-oriented management of customer requirements and the associated different goals is confronted with conflicts, complexity and continuous reprioritization. The field of tension does not only refer to the "external" customers, but to the same extent to the internal customers - your employees.

What is Supply Chain Excellence? What are best practices? Where do I stand compared to the competition?

Answering these questions is often one of the first challenges. Depending on your company, the question is elementary for internal or external as well as industry-related or cross-industry comparisons. The initial analysis supports the assessment of your own supply chain excellence maturity level in order to take targeted measures from this coordinate system.

Developing a strategy or analyzing a future or current status quo is only half the battle. One of the main challenges is to develop, train and implement a sustainable system to ensure long-term success. Companies that achieve Supply Chain Excellence are those that continuously develop the operational and organizational structure of the company in the sense of a continuous improvement process.

Customer Excellence

Excellence in the management of your logistics service requirements.

Supply Chain Segmentation

Derive segmentation strategies for different customer requirements and continuously measure their performance

Select appropriate process model and requirements analysis

Selection and prioritization of supply chain goals and KPIs

Selection and prioritization of supply chain segmentation strategies

Selection and evaluation of appropriate practices and measures


Design planning of procurement & distribution networks as well as support of outsourcing from concept development to implementation

Benefit analysis: Draft Logistics Concept, Make or Buy decisions for Real Estate, IT Systems, Automation, Logistics Operations and Equipment etc. as well as Business Case calculation for cost-based decision support

Tender Management: RFI, RFQ, Logistics System Design, Negotiation, Awarding, Contract Drafting, Business Case Analysis

Realization, Relocation and Ramp-up Management

Best-in-Class Management

The maturity level assessment of your supply chain excellence.


Objective assessment of weaknesses, causes and potentials with the help of lean and holistic process assessments


Catch up with the best through internal or external company and industry or cross-industry comparisons

Performance measurement systems and total cost of ownership

Supply Chain Excellence

The longterm success of Supply chain excellence in your company.

Production System Development

Development of strategic key figure-based scorecards cascaded down to the store floor, derived from corporate strategy, vision and mission

Development of management, core and support processes, organizational structure and employee competencies, methods, IT & automation technologies

Establishment of operational site or factory control through key performance indicator-based PDCA cycle

Implementation support

Employees are supposed to work according to standards and therefore need resources, qualification and decisions of the managers. Both sides must be aware of their role in achieving the goals.

Lean and Six Sigma projects

Lean trainings and setting up of lean training factories

Flexibility and risk management

Development of flexibility concepts and proactive action strategies for risk prevention for resilient supply chains Identification of flexibility and risk factors as well as potential causes

Evaluation and prioritization of flexibility drivers and risks

Preventive development of measures and definition of responsibilities and schedules

Monitoring of the implemented measures and review of their effectiveness

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