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Supply Chain Excellence

For the excellence of your Supply Chain

Implement operational excellence consistently along the entire supply chain.

Customer centricity in the supply chain is a central design element for dealing with increasing customer demands and for the competitiveness of companies.

An excellent supply chain means excellent supply chain performance with high responsiveness (e.g., higher frequency of supply, late customized product configuration), leanness (e.g., lean processes, optimal inventory levels), and flexibility or agility (e.g., standardization, interchangeability) for a steady and efficient flow of goods and information.

Operational Excellence

Our contribution to improve your leading process metrics.


Maturity Level Assessments and Lean Assessments as well as Value Stream analysis and design (Ishikawa, 5Why, Gemba Walk & Hunt, Process Map, SIPOC, SixSigma)


Benchmarks & best practice transfer based on our many years of experience in accompanying the Manufacturing Excellence Award


Conception of reorganization, outsourcing and make-or-buy initiatives in your logistics as well as support of operational and strategic implementation projects


From concept to successful implementation.


Preparation of the make-or-buy decision, execution of potential analyses and scenario considerations as well as business case analysis

Tender Management

RFI, RFQ, Logistics System Design, Negotiation, Awarding, Contract Drafting, Business Case Analysis, Realization, Relocation for outsourcing projects in your logistics

In good company

A selection of the companies that work with us on their supply chain excellence.

Our additional consulting solutions

Supply Chain Digitalization

Supply Chain Resilience

Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Sustainability

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