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Supply Chain Digitalization

The digital transformationof your Supply Chain

Enable sustainable process improvements and new customer value through digitization.

Companies are often confronted with a high level of complexity in the range of products and services on offer, which makes it difficult to determine which solution approaches offer added value for the individual starting position. Key questions, e.g., about the influence of digitization on a company's own logistics processes in order to leverage strategic or operational optimization potential, must be answered. Digitization offers the opportunity for operational optimization, tactical planning improvement, and new impetus for strategy and business model development.

One of the key challenges is to shape the comprehensive transformation process efficiently and sustainably at all levels. Digitization activities can be perceived in part as a threat in one's own workplace by both employees and managers. In addition, the shortage of skilled workers and the associated need to qualify the company's own employees and managers pose an ever greater challenge. Mediators between different groups of people and specialists are becoming increasingly important for supporting such processes.

Digital transformation represents one of the greatest levers for sustainable process improvements, thanks to opportunities such as AI for optimizing logistics processes or logistics platforms for integrating supply chain partners.

Strategy & New Business

We guide you through the development process of your digitization strategy and new data-driven business models.

Digitalization strategy and digitalization roadmap

Support of digital strategy development through use case design and strategic planning

Use of Strategic Business Canvas for the development of a suitable strategy, vision and mission based on the identified digitalization potentials

Development of digitalization roadmaps by means of use cases whose implementation duration and costs as well as their interdependencies are determined

Start-up scouting and make-or-buy-or-cooperate decisions

Support for digital transformation through market and technology analyses and their providers to support make-or-buy-or-cooperate decisions (technology radar and start-up scouting, portfolio analyses, competitive analyses)

Market potential analyses and development of data-driven business models

Systematic preparation and interpretation of data to derive optimization potential and data-driven business models

Business model analyses of competitors and other market players

Analysis of market potentials as well as the competitive situation

Development of data-based business models with Business Model Canvase according to Osterwalder & Pigneur or the Blue Ocean method

Digitalization Competence & Insights

We increase the digitalization competence of your logistics organization.

Agile project management

Support in the realization of IT projects with the "logistics and production" expertise

Requirement Engineering according to ITIL Service Manager

Management of engineering sprints using event storming, UX design, personas and customer journeys and use case development with or without Scrum

Digital Competence Management

Reduction of transformation barriers and development of executives and employees into "digitalizers"

Deriving competence requirements from the strategically planned digitization activities

Derivation of role profiles to address the transformation barriers

Qualification measures through customized further development concepts (e.g. digital leadership)

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A selection of companies that rely on us for the digital transformation of their logistics.

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Supply Chain Sustainability

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